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Haver Hill

3100 East Yorba Linda Boulevar, Fullerton, CA 92831
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The Haver Hill apartment community in Fullerton catapults you into a more exciting life. One visit to the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, with new Haver Hill friends, for a free live metal concert and a plate-full of Irish nachos will help you acclimate to Fullerton as quickly as bacon wilts under a landslide of cheese. You'll find yourself stomping along with Tuffy the Titan at a CSU Fullerton game, after your workday as a Quality Assurance Specialist RN. You'll feel as young at heart as you did when you cheered for mascot Brutus Buckeye when you were an undergrad at Ohio State. Think of it: even if you don't ditch your $160 shoes for $5 zippered ankle-boots from ModTex vintage clothing consignment, outrageous Fullerton we promise Haver Hill will satisfy your need for pure joy. Please call and book an appointment today.

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Citysearch User

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Monday, February 2, 2009
yellow... by Kelly J. at InsiderPages
These apartments are yellow.. you can't miss them! The apartments are pretty nice, but they just took their prices up, and are a bit pricey. There are better options around Fullerton. They also have a gym, laundry mat, pool & jacuzzi available for all residents. The management is OK. Sometimes they get things done quickly and other times they completely forget.

Recommended: Yes
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