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Escondido, CA

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April 7, 2010

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RB Sushi

Tags that describe me

In my spare time I...
design and create jewelry, like to garden

People Say I...
am ambitious, friendly, and kind

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Favorite Band
Anything Soft Jazz

Favorite Movie
Fried Green Tomatoes

With extra money I buy...
fun stuff and garden plants

My best childhood memory...
When my mother showed me the street she had the City of Vista name after me, Heidi Street. No really, we lived a block away and my mother attended a city hall meeting looking for street name suggestions.

My parents always told me...
to finish eating everything on your plate. Yikes, not the best advice in these times.

Heidi H
Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho!
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Flexible With Your Needs
At A Slice of Life Photography, you are more than just a customer. They take everything into consideration and will work with you in what you need for a final product. If they don't offer it, they will make a special package just for you. Customer service is number one priority because making a one time sale is never as important as making a customer for life.
in Escondido, CA
Level 3
Voted for Ashley Blinds
Not what I expected
The website and actual storefront for Ashley Blinds is contradicting. I expected a nice showroom, but instead found a little hole in the wall office and workshop. They quoted me one price for restringing my blinds and then said it was $5 more each when I brought them in. Luckily they stood by the phone price. Workmanship was good and turnaround wasn't bad.
in Escondido, CA
Level 3
My dog and kitties love Toni and the staff !
When I moved back to Escondido in 2001, I searched for a good groomer for my cats. I'm very picky and service & cleanliness is extremely important to me. When I found Rainin' Cats & Dogs, I was in heaven! Not only are the prices fabulous, but the service is excellent too. I always go on either a MWF when Toni is working since she knows all my pets. She even grooms my angora lop rabbit too! If you're looking for a good (no GREAT!) groomer, look no more.
in Escondido, CA
Level 3
Voted for El Plantio Nursery
Best Customer Service I've Ever Found
I buy most of my plants and all of my trees from El Plantio. The staff is so friendly and well educated on plants, unlike many of the nurseries out there. The quality of their plants and trees is far superior too. I recently went there to buy tomato plants and found varieties that I have never heard of. It's always like a kid in a candy shop for me when I stop by. I never know what I might find. Thanks Staff at El Plantio!
in Escondido, CA
Level 3
Been a member since 1988
I hate banks and that is why since 1988 I have been a member of SDCCU. Banks keep buying out other banks, and one day you are with such-and-such bank, and the next it's a different name and different services. With SDCCU, you can count on being with the same institution and as a member, you are automatically eligible for great rates on loans and money markets. There are so many locations throughout San Diego so it's convenient too. Easy to find ATM's everywhere.
in Escondido, CA